CLAW is a smart watch self-sufficient in energy supplies and able to interact with other connected objects in its environment.

Today, new technologies are an important part of our society. From Smartphones to the communicating objects, not to mention sunglasses and watches, we find these new technologies throughout our environment. How to conciliate all of this? How to always go further in order to simplify the today’s life of people? These are the questions that we asked ourselves to choose our topic of PPE in August 2013. So we searched for things that already exist and how to improve them. To do this, we focused on two fairly recent but promising cases: smartwatch and communicating objects.

Today, communicating objects use smartphones or tablets such as control interface, but it consumes more power and adds smartphones a function that is not necessarily useful for them. Similarly, the smartwatch permit to use, as a simplified way, some features of a phone, provided that the two objects are connected to each other, which again consumes energy uselessly. So we thought to use a watch as control interface for communicating objects. This watch would not be connected to a phone and would be energetically independent. Its role is to receive datas from communicating objects near to it, read these datas and send news. Thereby, when a person enter a room, his watch « tells » the objets that someone is in, and they can act as they have to..

In one year, it was almost impossible to get a finished product. Our objectives were to look at the issue of energy independence, and allow a user to navigate through a menu with a simple hand gesture (photodiodes) on a prototype.
For the question of energy, it is difficult to make a connected objet totally independent. So we reduced the complete independence to a long autonomy, at first, in order to simplify the conception of the object. In addition, most of the technologies that could permit it are still very expensive and difficult to access ( grapheme battery, nano solar panels …). Today, our prototype is working with a conventional 5V battery to ensure its proper functioning.
Our final prototype will allow us to navigate through a menu. Once the watch on, the user can, with a single movement of the hand, access to different screens. The objective will be to integrate the device allowing communication with the objects with a sensor communicating with the watch.

Communicating objects are a technological innovation with strong potential. Having a long battery life (or independent) control interface on the energy level all over an environment is something really interesting.
If the CLAW’s project is not finished yet, its progress is significant given our resources and our skills about doing such a project. We believe that CLAW can be made : if the navigation menu is feasible, we still have to do the communication part (part that we have to do with our partner : The LACSC), and implement an efficient system to reduce its consumption the lowest possible.


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