DomoGreen project aims to provide an interface of a home automation box controlled by voice and gesture commands.

Adding to this solution our interface will also include an artificial intelligence that will help to optimize the power consumption according to house’s properties, new energy’s rules and calculating the needs.

Interfaces on the market combining voice and gesture control, that provide an easy control and centralized commands are non-existent. Moreover, most interfaces do not provide simple interfaces for non-­‐experimented people. The user can manage its future energy’s consumption and control all devices through a simple and graphical interface without need of computer knowledge. In addition, our interface will be available as a open source software.

We will try to improve the user experience, so the tool is optimized to meet human needs and human capacities. We nevertheless have an obligation: the voice commands will be pronounced in English. The aim of this document is to go over all the requested material and non material device for our prototype to work fully.

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