Healthy Marketing

Healthy Marketing is an android application about gastronomy.

 Indeed, the idea came from a person who doesn’t live in Paris and, because of that, have some difficulties to know where to shop and create his network. After numerous contacts with consumers and merchants, developments have been added such as the ability to order online directly from the merchant to save time. This will allow the users to save time, and consume higher quality products. This application will be helpful to all those wishing to find a healthy diet, cook better products, but lack time, money, or culinary knowledge.

Through our application, a user can search for a recipe and order from local shops, using geolocation, the ingredients for the realization of the recipe of his choice. By adding these ingredients to its "virtual shopping cart", the user can manage his articles. An email will be sent to different merchants to put these ingredients aside so that the customer can pick them up.

The "order" aspect present in our app already exists with supermarkets applications such as "LeclercDrive". We did not find this practical aspect in the existing market of recipe apps and applications from local shops. Indeed applications that propose the realizations of recipes via a shopping list are numerous such as "The menus factory" that offers various menus in the week, which then generates a corresponding shopping list. "Marmiton" also presents a recipe-oriented interface. The added value of our application is the compilation of several patterns, each responding to a real demand in a single app.

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