Home Connect

With our electronic box Home Connect, we simplify your life by removing all your remotes.

Nowadays, it is estimated that a family has around six remotes. These are used to control the TV, the DVD player, the roller shutter, the internet box, the air conditioning and many other products. The manufacturers of theses devices let the use of them thanks to a remote. We simplify the way of life of the users by removing all the remotes.

The product Home Connect is composed of an electronic device, an application and a website. The different devices are controlled via our box from a smartphone, a tablet or a computer. Our product replaces all remotes.

The user customizes and makes his Home Connect remote unique. He creates his scenarios (only one button to make several commands at the same time). The user optimizes his energy consumption by controlling his electrical equipment. He can control them remotely, at any time, from any place, so he can also simulate a presence in his house. For a better integration in the house, the box is with a design uncluttered and unique.

Finally, the interest of our product, Home Connect, is to simplify the life of each user, making it more environmentally responsible and safer.

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