ILE Social Learning application has been created observing problems that students could meet in their course cycles.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, 75% of students have better grades after trying a new educational method. In higher education, 23% of students declare that these new methods are efficient. Unfortunately, 31% of graduate degree students aren’t able to follow the course. Teachers often explain complicated and important things while those who are late are still copying the course and can’t pay attention to the teacher. This makes them lose information and fall behind. To catch up with the course, these late students need to borrow the sheets of their coworkers preventing them to work with their own course. ILE Social Learning is the solution to answer these problems.

Moreover, with the recent evolution of the Web and the birth of social networks (68% of internet users use at least one social network) and Social Learning, this helps people to memorize and learn quicker than ever. ILE Social Learning is inspired by social networks and allows people to share some content, asking and answering questions linked to the course material. This application, adapted to an educational domain, provides the possibility for every student to share his own notes. It allows people to retrieve several notes from different people of the courses without asking their sheets. This is related to the Social Learning which express that a student can learn by observing the gesture of a teacher as well as being part of a conditioning method. The interaction between different students in a learning context justifies why this project can have a positive influence on the way they study. The development of Web 2.0, allows students to associate learning to a collective activity. This stimulates attention, memory and motivation. Thus, internet users can find a virtual tutor and observe his movements and acquire his knowledge.

This application is born to answer this problem. Moodle platform allows to display the course material of the teacher and the application allows a student to add personal notes associated to the slides. The social part of the application comes from the possibility to share notes and questions with colleagues and be able to evaluate the relevance thanks to a vote system on each question and answer. The teacher can suppress an unsuitable question or answer. On the other hand, a relevant question (or answer), can be highlighted to make it more visible. A student can also click on the live button which will redirect him to the slide displayed on the board. Each user can also print the document and every notes and/or questions/answers.

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