KillTime suggests a new way to spend time together in public transport for more entertainment and social interaction.

Lorsque nous prenons les transports en commun pour de longs trajets, le temps peut nous paraître long. L’engouement de changer de lieu laisse vite place à l’ennui. A cela s’ajoute une quasi absence d’interaction entre les voyageurs.

When people take public transports for a long time, they seem to be bored and time is going slowly. So, being happy to travel for an other place is replaced by trouble. We notice too that travelers are not talking with each others. There is a lack of interaction between them (inside a train for example).

The aim of our project « Kill-Time » was to provide a way to improve our journey, to bring something new for the travelers. This with a smartphone application, which 's based on the adhoc technology and proposes two rubrics : « Sharing/Event » and « Tchat ».

First, we made some researches about similar technologies, which already exist (stay of the art) . After that, we chose the components / tools and technologies that we will use. We decided to take these informatics languages : Javascript HTML5 and CSS. Concerning Frameworks we used All- Joyn and Apache Cordova. They allow to resort to hybrid realization of applications. They offer too a distributed environment during their execution in different devices classes with an emphasis on mobility, security and dynamic configuration.

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