Portofolio Investment

An application that lets you know about the latest financial market trends and gives you pieces of advice to optimize your investments.

Lots of people are interested in following stock exchange and investing their money in. They can be beginners or not, both need the knowledge of financial indicators and advice on a stock value. Thus, either they could sell their stocks if we advise them that solution or they could buy stocks if we recommend a company whose stocks go well.

We found some application on Google Play (Android store) based on following trends but those applications only provide financial indicators and buy/sell signals on stock values. Besides, those applications are based on the American stock exchange. Therefore, we got the idea to create an application which would provide financial indicators and buy/signals to the client. But this application would also bring advice to the client, thanks to data mining system. Data mining permits us to search on the Internet if a company is associated to positive or negative news, thus the client will use our financial signals and news to make his decision. Our application “Portfolio Investment” is based on French Stock Exchange (CAC 40 & SBF 120).

We have chosen to implement the most interesting and significant financial algorithms to analyse stock values such as trend indicators (Moving average, CCI, etc.), momentum indicators, volume and volatility indicators. Each financial algorithm is coded in R language, which did not exist before and makes the calculation much faster. Our financial code is open source implementation, which can be useful for others (available on R community). We also share our project on a financial open source website. Several times a day, we get stock values from free Yahoo Finance website. We update an Excel document with those data and we put that in our financial algorithms. Then, on each stock value, we print a red (sell) signal or a green (buy) signal on the app. About data mining, we use a method that we found in the Twitter API which permits us to download all tweets thanks to keyword. Thus, we provide to the client news about a company the client want to invest in or give back his money. To confirm and validate our financial results, we did back testing steps. All our financial algorithms give correct answers (except 1 of 7: MACD algorithm).

Thanks to our project, we make R language more famous than before. More seriously, we allow beginners and professional to be aware of trends. We provide them buy or sell signals and advice on stocks. Thus, they can make decisions which are not based on chance. And they can manage their investments.

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