Smart Pillbox

The goal of this project is to make a pillbox that can communicate with your smartphone to check if you take carefully your pills.

Our project named Smart Pillbox is an amelioration of the existing concept of pillbox.

In case of anomaly that is to say if you don't take your pill in time or if you make a mistake and open the wrong box, your phone warns you that there is a problem, and il you still don't react it sends a message to pre-registered contacts (your family, your pharmacist, your doctor).

The concept of the electronic pillbox already exists but it is expensive and not transportable at all. Our main goal is to make a product that will be cheap, reusable and that you can take with you at work.

We have decided to use the NFC technology to communicate between the pillbox and the smartphone. This promising technology allows the patient to receive the information from the pillbox by simply passing his smartphone on it.

Thanks to the Smart Pillbox people who take an extensive treatment won't forget to take their pills wherever they are. And in case of wrong medication it warns their contacts to permit a very quick reaction.

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