STM Pour Tous

The purpose of this project was to produce a scanning tunneling microscope in order to visualize atoms of a sample.

STM Pour Tous is a project asked by ECE Paris Engineering School in the context to develop its laboratory of Nanotechnologies. The objective of this project was twofold, the first was to produce a scanning tunneling microscope in order to visualize atoms of a sample. This in order to make practical work for students or to bring companies use this tool in the school laboratory.

The second objective was to make it with a low cost so that it can be reproduced at universities with low average (as in developing countries). This type of tool is around € 200,000 in trade, the goal here was to not exceed € 10,000.
The project was implemented in partnership with the CEA Saclay represented by Mr Jacques Cousty and his team.

The methods used were for much contacts with the CEA, it was asked them many questions regarding the operation and how to do it. It was also asked many questions to ECE teachers regarding electronics.

This project was a difficult project to accomplish, it is now half of its realization. The map is done and all the theoretical part is established. Most part of the components were purchased and received. Mechanic is ready to be manufactured by the CEA. We now finish assembling components, make cards, GXSM analyze the software that allows the recovery image and do the testing. It should also make the box of the microscope that will completely isolate it from vibrations.

In conclusion this project is a feasible project over two years, in terms of continuity it is suggested to use students specializing in Information Systems and Embedded Systems so they will perform with greater ease the work that it remains to be done. If this is done, we can estimate that in January 2015, the microscope is ready to be tested and it will be operational for the start of 2015.

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