Wine Bottle Temperature Control - NFC-Temp

This project consists in creating a system able to control the temperature of bottles of wine.

The goal of our project is to produce a device with a passive RFID chip, a temperature sensor and a smartphone application that will, using a phone with NFC, to withdraw and read the temperature history of the product and information about conservation.

The idea that we propose is a temperature sensor to record throughout the life of the product temperature variations, i.e the sensor recorded at regular intervals the temperature of the product, combined with an RFID chip for reading these temperature variations. Such a device would allow manufacturers to monitor and demonstrate compliance of not being out of the cold chain (especially during phases of transport of refrigerated products) by reading the RFID chip in the various quality checks between the production and the distribution. Beyond the device "temperature sensor / RFID" we also propose an application for Android phones equipped with NFC technology to enable end users to read data from the RFID chip and enable them to realize for themselves the quality of the products they will have to consume.

In order to properly steer the implementation of hardware and software components of our solution, we will begin by meeting wine merchants and traders related to the cold chain to get an idea of the potential market. We worked on connecting the RFID chip temperature sensor. However, we will begin by using a passive RFID tag assisted by a battery to assess the viability of our prototype. Then, we try to use our prototype with a passive RFID tag with energy harvesting.

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