Energy Expertise

Today the cost of life doesn’t stop increasing, so is the price of electricity and gas.

The global warming pushes us to find ways to reduce our electricity and water consumption.

More and more companies are offering solutions to reduce the consumption of buildings but it is very difficult today for a private individual who wants to be informed to follow his consumption in real time without paying too much.

So in response to an identified demand, we want to develop a web solution that supplies an expertise of the energy consumption of the user’s house. Our website will supply an complete interface that will present the primarily information about the consumption of the house. He can also ask to be advised on how to consume less and how much he will earn if he follows our advice.

The user will have to buy a little computer named Raspberry Pi that will be useful to keep the data with the captors that the user will have put in the house. We will supply on our website a way to follow the different consumptions and we will help the user to get the useful material.

We installed several things on this computer: first, a Tomcat server, and a database MySQL, finally a Java Virtual Machine (JVM tailored for embedded systems). When the user starts the web application, the Tomcat server and the database are launched, and then our solution is deployed and is accessible from an Ip address. Each Raspberry computer has its own Ip address. These technologies are guaranteeing us good performances. The computer acts like a server and makes the bond between the captors and our solution.

We also created another website to valorize our project. We choose the Open Source valorization for our project and this second website will be used to promote the different project of ECE that are Open Source and that concern energy. We will be able to publish the codes of our project and explications on how to use them.
The whole solutions produced allow the user to obtain a good follow up of his consumptions, and some concrete and doable advices.


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