Smart Sun

We intend to create an intelligent energy flow router that would consume, store or inject the energy produced on the network at the best time, depending on fluctuations in electricity costs

We currently live in an era marked by the awareness of the environmental and economic challenges. In order to reduce the energy bill, some goals were fixed which made the transition to renewable energies necessary. Individuals begin to shift to photovoltaic energy, however this technology still raises reluctances due in particular to the significant investment required.

In the context of our end of studies project, we wondered how to meet a person’s economic needs so that his investment in the installation of photovoltaic panels becomes profitable while responding to ecological constraint which is to produce and consume more and more green energy.

In order to answer this question, we considered to realize an intelligent energy router. The purpose of our solution, is to optimize the use of the energy produced from the PV modules by making autonomous the choice of selling and/or auto-­‐consumming the energy produced. We would drive the electric charges of a home and stock the energy with a battery.

Our solution is a case connected to the Internet in order to gather all the information concerning the purchase and selling rate of electricity. It will be able to determine the most profitable strategy for the consumer by deciding to consume, to buy or to sell the produced energy on the network. At any time, our router will choose one the following actions: 

  • Direct consumption: The energy produced by the PV modules will be directly injected in the home internal circuit in order to supply it.
  • Battery storage: The produced energy is stocked in a battery for a later use. 
  • Purchase: In case of a lack of energy produced or an empty battery, the router will directly purchase electricity from EDF.
  • Selling: If the selling price of electricity is interesting financially according to stock market data, the router will be able to decide to sell the produced or stocked energy to EDF.

The purpose of Smart Sun is to make people aware of the ecological and economical benefits of photovoltaic installation. To reach this goal, we created our router with the shape of a housing which gathers the electricity market information. We have integrated this housing in a mock-­up, which simulates exactly the environment of a home equipped with a photovoltaic installation, in order to demonstrate its use and benefits. At the end of the project, we created a functional proof of concept that attests to our desired results. Indeed, according to tests we run, our solution would always make the right choice between stock, sell or buy electricity. Thanks to its automation and to the electricity selling, Smart Sun stands out among existing technologies. It is a whole new idea of solar electricity management that we wanted to introduce through a router which automatically selects the optimal action to do.

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